Saturday, April 19, 2014

The mystery of Dorit Kum, aka Darr Imon

Quite recently, someone posted a death certificate (they didn't say from where, but probably from a New England state), where they were trying to puzzle out the mother's name.  Half of those guessing opted for "Dorit Kum".

The other half of us had a different idea.  But before I reveal that one, I should mention that I have also looked to see if there are any records for a Dorit Kum.  I checked FamilySearch and  Nothing popped up in FamilySearch, but one Dorit Kum popped up in Ancestry, and it happens that she was listed as the mother on a death certificate for a North Carolina death.  I looked at that image, too.

Two different Dorit Kums?  Whose only fact in common (their only discoverable fact of any kind) was being the mother of a deceased individual?  I did some more digging, and discovered a woman named Darr Imon.  She too was the mother of someone who had passed.

Alas, I would wager that all three women were the same, but not in the sense that they were an actual human being.

No, I feel quite confident that the name of the mother on each death certificate was, in actuality, "Don't know".

As my good friend Cyndi Ingle might say, it's truly best not to overthink what you see handwritten on a genealogical document.