Saturday, August 20, 2016

Digital genealogy organizing project: Progress Report 2

Although there is still much to be done in the Genealogy folder, I thought that I would briefly turn my attention to my Desktop. It's easy to let files and folders accumulate on the Desktop, but those should be filed immediately except in the rare case where there is a temporary file or folder that I need to work with for only a brief time.

A few of the files found on my Desktop were episodes of my podcasts that needed to be filed in a more appropriate place, and two marriage documents for one of my maternal lines that needed to be moved to my personal research folder.  Then I had a folder named "Smith genealogy" that contained a variety of documents for my Smith line, so that one was easily moved in its entirety to my personal research folder.

Apart from two remaining unusual folders that I need to deal with (I'll cover one of those in a future posting), I had a "To Be Filed" folder on my Desktop, which contained 78 items.  So I moved all of those into my new "!Inbox" folder, and cleaning that one up will be my next step (before I return to the re-sorting of the Genealogy files).

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