Thursday, January 13, 2005

Nathan Bodie, Jr. in 1840

The 1840 census for Edgefield County/District, SC shows a Nathan Boddie. The data for Nathan indicates:

Males under 5: 1
Males 5-10: 1
Males 10-15: 2
Males 30-40: 1
Females under 5: 1
Females 5-10: 2
Females 30-40: 1

How well does this match up with what is supposedly known about Nathan's family? Nathan was born in 1804, and his first wife, Mary Edna Eidson (Jane's mother) was supposedly born in 1806, so those match up with the 2 adults. Their children should be Jesse Pitts Bodie (born 1826), Andrew Jackson Bodie (born 1828), James Russell Bodie (born 1831), Mary Bodie (born 1832), Anne M. Bodie (born 1834), and Elizabeth J. Bodie (born 1836). Amanda Bodie was not born until 10 June 1840, and so should not be counted as the effective date of the 1840 census was June 1. So we have a perfect match except for the fact that there should be a son born sometime between 1835 and 1840. Yet no such son appears in the 1850 census. Unless there is evidence to contradict it, I'll have to assume that there was another son who died prior to 1850. His most likely birth year is 1838, as there is a 4-year gap between Elizabeth and Amanda.