Sunday, January 09, 2005

Nathan Bodie, Jr.'s grave

In the early 1990s, my brother Jeff and I looked for Nathan Bodie, Jr's gravestone at a small church in Saluda County. We didn't find it in the church graveyard, not realizing at that time that there was a smaller cemetery just across the highway but hidden within the pine forest. I did manage to go back later to see it.

The cemetery is across the highway from Bethlehem Church, located in the southwest part of present-day Saluda County, within the fork of SC 121 and CR 39. Many related lines are buried here, including Bodie, Eidson, Rushton, Kemp, and Holmes.

According to Nathan's grave, he was born 7 February 1804, and died 9 November 1873. Next, we'll trace him back starting in 1870.