Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bodie/Boddie marriages in Bienville Parish, Louisiana

Yesterday, I found a little time in the morning, just before our local society's board meeting, to do some research into the Bodie/Boddie family. The John F. Germany Library had recently obtained a copy of a number of new books, including many pertaining to Louisiana. Because a major branch of the Bodie/Boddie family ended up in Bienville Parish, I was glad to find that one of the new books was John C. Head's compilation "Bienville Parish Louisiana Marriage Records 1848-1900". It is the only Bienville Parish genealogy source in the library's collection.

The index to the book listed 11 individuals named "Bodie" or "Boddie", so I was able to copy those pages and then compare the marriage book entries to what I already had. In some cases, I lacked exact dates, or my dates were a few days off. This enabled me to provide a source (if only a secondary source, although I'm not likely to find myself in Bienville Parish anytime soon to obtain a copy of the primary source) for 10 marriages. The 11th entry is for a Bodie/Boddie who I don't already have in my files, so I'm not sure yet where they fit in. That particular one is for George HOLDER married to Eliza BODDIE, on 13 April 1871, and the original record can be found in Book B (1860-1872) on page 363.

A Holder website ( identifies this couple (and their children) as:

Geo. W. HOLDER - Precinct 2, Bell Co., TX - Head of House - Male b.<1850> Bienville Parish, LA
George William Holder b. 1/12/1849
s/o William Pryor Holder b. 1805 Warren Co., KY & Emily Elizabeth Jordan b. 1816 LA
Eliza HOLDER - Precinct 2, Bell Co., TX - Wife - Female b.<1855> SC
Eliza Boddie
Gilbert W. HOLDER - Precinct 2, Bell Co., TX - Son - Male b.<1873> LA
James D. HOLDER - Precinct 2, Bell Co., TX - Son - Male b.<1875> LA
Levi E. HOLDER - Precinct 2, Bell Co., TX - Son - Male b.<1877> TX
Pinkie HOLDER - Precinct 2, Bell Co., TX - Dau - Female b.<1879> TX

This information is most likely taken from the 1880 census (except for George's parents). I don't know yet who Eliza Boddie Holder's parents were.