Friday, January 19, 2007

Sarah Ann YONCE and Nathan BODIE (son of Obediah BODIE)

My friend Steve Danko reminded me that I need to talk about my recent research activities in Salt Lake City's Family History Library. I found my new digital camera (with its "Text" mode) to be exceptionally helpful in recording pages from books, without the need for transcription or photocopying.

One of the techniques I used was to photograph the title page of the book, followed by the individual pages. I also found it useful to photograph the relevant index pages (which will come in handy if I discover that I missed a key page).

I began by examining the Family History Library Catalog for books relating to the name Bodie (or Boddie). I skipped books that I already own, or whose pages I already have photocopies of, or that are available online in digital form, or that were on microfilm.

The first book I looked at was Yonce families in the United States of America although it is interesting that the book has a slightly different title on its spine and at the top of its pages (Yonce Families in America). It does appear that I missed a few pages in this one, primarily in the descendants list in Chapter 13, but I have the more detailed descendant information from Chapter 14 (beginning on page 313). According to the book, Sarah Ann YONCE married Nathan BODIE, the son of Obediah BODIE. This is not the Nathan BODIE who was my great-great-grandfather (Nathan A. BODIE, Jr.) nor his father (Nathan BODIE, Sr.). The name "Nathan" is very common in the various branches of the BODIE/BODDIE family.

The book indicates that Nathan BODIE died in "Wagner" (in Aiken County, South Carolina), but this town should be spelled "Wagener". The town is spelled correctly in other places in the book.

Although I had details on some of the descendants of this line, the book has brought a large number of new descendants to my attention. I can imagine spending many months verifying the information in this book. I'll return to these individuals after I've reviewed the other material I found in SLC.