Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is blogging dying? Well, not exactly...

This New York Times article suggests that younger people are moving away from traditional blogs to other ways to share information (certainly Facebook and Twitter), but notice the statistics for older bloggers (the age groups into which most genealogists fall):


  1. Interesting article, thanks for linking to it. Add me to the list of new bloggers in the 46 to 55 range. It figures - if I start doing something it must be on the way out! :) The biggest side-effect from becoming a blogger that I've found is that, even though I post only twice a week, I spend even more time reading other blogs and less time reading anything else on my reading list (which just keeps getting longer because of book recommendations on other blogs).

  2. I don't believe that blogging is going out and it won't as long as genealogists are around. I discovered them this summer and as the younger generation of my family have started asking questions about the older generation who are long gone and they never knew them. I am now one of the older generation and since I live in Tennessee and they mostly live in Maine I can't get to all of them with the same information so I started a blog with the info I had learned from my parents and my genealogy research. I can reach all of them this way. It is a great tool to keep all informed.