Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Google+ and Genealogy?

Is the recently (a few hours ago?) announced Google+ going to be the next big social networking service (or set of services)?

And if so, how will that impact genealogists?  I can see:

1.  Circles consisting of your genealogy friends.  (And circles for each of your groups of relatives.)

2.  Genealogy hangouts (video chats)!

3.  Using Sparks to locate cool new genealogy content.

4.  And Huddle for impromptu genealogy discussions via text chat.

Did I leave anything out?


  1. Hi Drew,
    Have you established or found a place where some genealogists are discussing "how to use Google+ for genealogy"?
    I'm particularly interested in how to set up a group to get somewhat elderly, professed computer illiterate (but more capable than they will admit), genealogy researchers to work easily together with simple access to genealogical information (eg. documents, genealogy web pages either on a web page or in a document) to assess, comment on, etc. such that the project manager could control, evaluate and add valued contributions to a genealogy?

    Thanks... Peter Bradish

  2. Peter, I haven't seen that specific topic as a general mailing list or forum. I have seen at least one blog dedicated to the topic, but that's maybe not quite what you had in mind.

    You could probably propose a message board on that topic for the Ancestry boards. They have a Research Resources category, and a board to discuss using Google+ might fit under that. Frankly, they could use a board to discuss "Social Networking" as a tool for research.

  3. Genealogical Studies.com has some computer courses for learning how to use google for genealogy. There are at least 2 social media sites especially dedicated to genealogy. They are genealogy wise and ancestral space and they are free.