Saturday, March 22, 2014

Martin - personal trees and unified trees

So far, my family tree experiment has not garnered any responses from cousins on my Smith line, so I'm continuing with my Martin line:

My mother, Altha Corinne Martin (she's listed as Alta Corene Martin on her birth certificate), was born in Moon Township (near Chappells), Newberry County, South Carolina, on 19 December 1920.  She died in Newberry, Newberry County, South Carolina, 16 June 2007.  She lived her early life in Newberry County until she met and married my father, and after World War II she and Dad lived in East Orange until 1960, when they returned to Newberry County.  She lived there until her death.

She was the youngest child of George Washington Martin, born 12 January 1882 in Edgefield County, South Carolina, who died 12 November 1964 in Newberry.  He lived most of his life in Edgefield County and Newberry County.

Granddaddy Martin was the son of Edmon Manley Martin, who lived primarily in Edgefield District/County from about 1827 until his death between 1894 and 1900.  His burial location has not yet been located.

Edmon was the son of James S. Martin, who lived in the Pleasant Lane area of Edgefield District/County.  James was born about 1797 and died after 1880.

When I added Edmon Manley Martin to my MyHeritage tree, I was immediately notified that there were two potential matches to other trees.  One was from a person I didn't know (but who definitely had the right wife and children for Edmon), and the other was from a tree maintained by my first cousin once removed, James (I didn't know he had put up a family tree).  I confirmed the match for these two trees.  I then synced my updates to my Family Tree Builder tree on my Mac.

Adding my Martins to my Ancestry tree, I encountered a number of helpful hints (both records and family trees).  I added the records that matched, again keeping in mind that I would need to follow up on the trees belonging to other people at a later date.

I added the Martins to WeRelate, but there were no matches.

I went to WikiTree to add the Martins.  When I went to enter a death date for Edmon Manley Martin, I found that I could not enter a range (that he died between 1894 and 1900).  I left it as "after 1894" for now.  So far, no matches for my Martins on WikiTree.

I completed my Martin updates by going to FamilySearch and adding sources to the Martins that I had previously entered. 

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