Sunday, August 14, 2016

Digital genealogy organizing project: Progress Report 1

Since my posting a week ago, I have been slowly plowing through a huge mess of genealogy-related files and folders, moving them into my new structure as outlined in that previous posting.  In some cases, I have deleted files, and in others, I have renamed some that I couldn't figure out what they were until I opened them.

I'm now through the files/folders beginning with the letters A thru E.

While most of the filing is going quickly, I'm finding that I'm struggling a bit with deciding whether a document is "Professional development" or "Reference resources".  My intent was that the first category was for items that I would likely read from beginning to end, in order to learn something, while the second category was for items that I might need to refer to, as needed.  But a few documents seem to fall into a gray area.

Perhaps it would make more sense to combine them into a single "Library" folder, being the digital equivalent of a bookcase of reference books, how-to books, and periodicals.  Then, within that folder, they would be stored by general topic (organization, citation, DNA, etc.).

I'll keep you posted.

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