Monday, August 08, 2016

Digital genealogy organizing project: Intermission 1: Why organize to browse?

I am pleased that a number of people have shared my blog posts in this series, and some have even begun an organizing project themselves.  And I especially like the feedback in the comments.

Several individuals have questioned the need to do the organizing that I'm doing, because they suggest that I should be able to find what I need simply by searching.  Unlike a paper-based environment, the digital world does provide the ability to search for folders and files (both by name and by contents).  And I find the ability to search very important.  I use it all the time.  But.

I do talk about this in my Organize Your Genealogy book, why your online organizing scheme needs to support *both* searching *and* browsing.  I won't repeat that entire argument here.  As someone who has an IT background, who has a library science degree, who has taught website design, and who thinks a great deal about the best ways to find and use information, I have given a great deal of thought as to why browsing is still important when it comes to organizing.

But rather than taking my word for it, I strongly recommend that you read this article. It mentions some things that I only touched on in my book, and certainly makes me even more confident that organizing for browsing is necessary.

Now excuse me while I go browse my Google News and my Feedly blog feeds!

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